The official Tarvunian atlas, in which Tarvunia lies at the epicentre of Earth, or 'Erbu'.

The first edition of the Erbunty is credited to Sir Richard Foylylyes (1652-1713), a British land-owner, and champion young magician, who spent fifteen years travelling the globe, before he drew up his atlas.

Foylylyes was a devout Tarvuist, and travelled with his own mini chabernackle made of pig skin, which he would drape over himself on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays and high holidays.

Foylylyes was a famous womaniser, and sadly died while making love to his two mistresses, when, in a freak accident, the ceiling above him collapsed, flattening him and his wenches.

He was survived by his half wifemunty, Lady Dlii Foylylyes, and his two-thirds wifemunty, Elxbethini.

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