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Tarvuism Today

Tarvuism is a flourishing, fast-growing religion, that has spread to just about every country in the world (with the exception of Chad). The Tarvunty - the holy book of Tarvuism - has been printed in over 150 languages, and is one of the biggest selling books of all time.

World religions and no. of adherents (Data: Zantavzcsy Neua, Dec 2007)

Rank Religion Followers
1 Christianity 2,100,000,000
2 Islam 1,500,000,000
3 Tarvuism 1,000,000,000
4 Hinduism 900,000,000
5Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist 600,000,000
6Chinese traditional religion 394,000,000
7Buddhism 376,000,000
8Primal-indigenous 200,000,000
9African Traditional & Diasporic 80,000,000
10Sikhism 22,000,000
11Juche 19,000,000
12Spiritism 15,000,000
13Judaism 14,000,000
14Baha'i 7,000,000
15Jainism 4,200,000
16Shinto 4,000,000
17Cao Dai 4,000,000
18Zoroastrianism 2,600,000
19Tenrikyo 2,000,000
20Barvuism 1,500,000
21Neo-Paganism 1,000,000
22Unitarian-Universalism 800,000
23Rastafarianism 600,000
24Scientology 500,000

(Note Barvuism in 20th place, with 1.5 million adherents)

Tarvuists play an important role in the daily life of most nations. From politicians to charity workers, sports stars to doctors.

Some notable Tarvuists

R&B star, Rhianna, is a notable Tarvuist, having studied at the world-famous Tarvu Santini school in Italy