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Faces of the Brave

Faces of the Brave was a rite of passage of all young tarvunian children undertook in the old days of scripture. It involved all the adults of a slum gathering in a large ring around children (usually ages 23-24) of the slum and laughing at them because they were still living at home with their parents and could not get relationship partners (girlfriends/boyfriends in J*urn'ls and onward). This usually resulted in one (sometimes more) of the children getting their lives together and taking 9-5 jobs cleaning gurtturs.

Typical reaction of an individual carrying out Faces of the Brave

A bronze casting of a child who has passed the rite of Faces of the Brave. Stair climbing was a common practice after successfully completing the ritual and would later give rise to the “stair-master”

The Faces of the Brave is mentioned briefly in the book Q*est'ons however scholars argue that this has little in common with the Faces of the Brave rite of passage as mentioned in N*rr*t'ves since the festivities surrounding the “Faces” described in Q*est'ons involved copious amounts of nuts and fruits. Tarvunian scholars are quick to note that Tarvu quickly barred tarvunians from ingesting nuts and fruits following the Cornucopiaec Wars.

The Faces of the Brave rite, as discussed at length in N*rr*t'ves (Ch II ps. 96 - Ch LXXXVIII ps 1), was something of a pagan ritual before being adopted by Tarvu after his visit to Tunis in the year 8888 during his time traveling weeks with George Harrison. It was there, after having a verbal confrontation with Barvu, that Tarvu and George met with the inhabitants of the Q'wane'paeic slums and learned what was to become the inspiration for the Faces of the Brave ritual.

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