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Givil, The

Could this be the Givil?

A black Manhattan skyscraper (left; which appears for two days every year) is another alleged Givil.

The Givil is (or are) the Headquarters of Tarvuism. It is surprising that for a religion as open and forthcoming as Tarvuism the location (or locations) of its headquarters are kept totally secret (officially for “security reasons”). It is speculated that the building (or buildings) itself (or themselves) is (are) in Europe, possibly in one of the Untic regions. Some even claim that there are many Givils.

As a governing body, the Givil issues ceremonial guidance to Tarvuist temples worldwide, for instance the tri-weekly prayer rota, Bithuvies, Tholliths, etc. The exact date of Occiboonah is announced every year by the Givil on February 9.

The head of the Givil is High Pri'stm'nty Jon-John Torvakian. The exact numbers of Givilites (members of the Givil) is unknown.

For a breakdown of who's who in the Givil, please see the section 'Who's Who in Tarvuism'.

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