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The Tarvuist Ventol Kapon Limiters (T.V.K.L) are an alliance of American, Canadian and Norwegian Tarvuist scholars, heavily influenced by the work of the Scottish Rationalist Tarvuist Assembly.

Led by the charismatic, Toin Ventol Kapon (real name 'Mike McPhearson'), the T.V.K.L have caused some controversy due to a number of attention grabbing media stunts they have carried out in the past.

In 1999 seven members were arrested for painting the North facing wall of the Houses of Parliament bright yellow.

In 2001, Toin Ventol Kapon was arrested for dressing up as a giant and screaming obscenities from a hot air balloon which hovered above the Pyramids in Cairo.

The T.V.K.L has been rather quiet of late, although there are rumours that the group are currently making a film challenging the belief that Tarvu was a man.

Above: McPherson (Toin Ventol Kapon) and fellow T.V.K.L'ers, preparing for his balloon stunt, prior to his arrest in Egypt, 2001

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