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Amzamiviram. Detail of a painting by Tony Curtis.

Tarvu's best friend and Tarvuist proffet. Sometimes called the Grandfather of Tarvuism. Translated the Holy Text of Tarvuism, The Tarvunty.

Amzamiviram was a bellringer, and later bell-designer, who went deaf in later life. The sound of Amzamiviram's tolling bells led Tarvu to dry land during his swim with Oobu the Octopus. Amzamiviram appeared many times in Tarvu's life. It was said that Amzamiviram 'held Tarvu's ear', i.e that Tarvu would listen to his opinion. This may well be true, as Amzamiviram was a very wise man indeed.

A very emotional man, Amzamiviram had been known to cry for days on end when he was upset or depressed. For example, when Tarvu left Amzamivirm and began Thelvol Hatty Haynu, Amzamiviram cried for 70 days, and his tears were said to have created the river Euphrates.

At Tarvu's Unveiling, Tarvu appointed Amzamiviram his official right hand man. He was also often seen with Bilmtaasium, Tarvu's trusty bag-carrier, who had trained under Amzamiviram as a bell-designer.

Amzamiviram lived to the ripe old age of 400. However, he was accidentally buried alive at 399. At his funeral, mourners heard loud banging from inside his coffin. Luckily they opened it just in time, and saved Amzamiviram. Unfortunately he died the next day - on his 400th birthday. It was a tragedy.

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