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Pencil Tarvunies

During Occiboonah, (in which Tarvuists recount the story of Tarvu's swim with Oobu) it is forbidden to use ink, as octopus ink is held to be holy in the religion. However certain, more pious, Tarvuists refuse to use ink at all. These are known as 'Pencil Tarvunies' as they only ever write in pencil.

Some Pencil Tarvunies have pushed for a general banning of pens and ink from the religion, but have so far failed to get the Givil to recognise their cause. In fact, this has become quite a big issue of late: in October 2007 a group of militant Tarvuists set fire to a pen factory in Rotterdam. The factory was completely gutted, and one man broke his foot fleeing from the flames. Seven Tarvuists (belonging to a group calling themselves 'Pencil Tarvuinies 3000') were arrested.

Above: Pens. Items that would never be found on the desk of a Pencil Tarvuny.

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